Identity Theft

Thank you Lord for this day.

Thank you for all the things you have done, and how you have watched over us.

Thanks for being so good and for saving us.

And Lord, we ask that you would help us to see you more clearly, and that you would help others to see you more clearly.

We ask that you would heal the sick, and convict the lost.

Father, we ask that you would help us in our need, and provide.

Thank you.

We love you Lord.

And we pray these things in the name of Jesus,




In who’s name?

What does that even mean?

Let’s just stop for a second.  Do you realize what you just said?  What we just prayed?  How about that final, closing phrase.  “In the name of Jesus?”  Now that’s pretty crazy when you think about it.  We just prayed something and then stuck Jesus’ name to it.  We wrote the letter and then signed it with Jesus’ name.  When God hears that prayer, He gets to the last part and discovers that His Son Jesus wrote that prayer to Him?  Why is this not considered forgery of the highest degree?  Do we really think that we can fool God?  Do we really think that we can just tag Jesus’ name onto something?  Why would we even do this?  Can’t I pray to God?

I guess that is the point though; when we pray in accordance with the will of Jesus, and so pray like Jesus, it has such authority and power that when God hears it, it is as if His own Son made the request.  He gave us permission to use His name.  He gave us permission to be like Him on the earth.  He sent the Spirit so we could know how He would pray, and then to pray as if we were Him.  Actually, didn’t He say we were His body?  Aren’t we supposed to be the image of God now?  To live like Jesus? To pray like Jesus?  To think like Jesus?  To suffer like Jesus?  To win like Jesus?

If so, I have two thoughts then.

1. How dare we so flippantly use the name of our Lord, Saviour, King, and God for pathetic and selfish requests that do not reflect Him or His character.  How dare we use His name as a tag-on tradition and religious guarantee to success.  How dare we attempt to sign His name on so many things, so many prayers, so many missions, so many ideas that He would never have.

2. If we first attempt to discover His will before we pray, and then pray with faith and authority and confidence because not only are we praying to God, but we are praying a prayer that matches what Jesus would ask for and that has Jesus’ name signed at the bottom, wouldn’t that almost be a guarantee?  Isn’t this what He told us to do?  And when we submit to the character and likeness of Christ, the holy image of God, He sees us as He sees His Son.  Wouldn’t that mean we have all authority and ammunition necessary to lay waste to the enemy and reclaim what has been lost? 


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